We provide educational programs to elucidate the views, and meditation disciplines to implement those views, so that one may traverse the various paths leading to the fruit, i.e. the revelation of the intelligent naked awareness of the Natural Mind.

From sacerdotal functions of religious services and empowerments, to seminars on:

  • Calming the thoughts and emotions
  • Having a conscious, lucid, waking dream
  • Transforming the energy of emotional disturbances
  • Transferring the consciousness at the time of death

Various activities and programs are provided in the U.S. Furthermore, such educational programs and disciplines continue the already existing dialogue and integration of ideas and paradigms with the psychiatric, psychological, religious, and other helping professions. We also provide support for Buddhist practitioners of the Vajrayana Buddhist Wisdom Traditions. Such support is necessary and important to insure no break in the lineage of the Traditions, and its mastery by individuals capable of resonating and transmitting the essence of the Wisdom. Their survival provides practitioners and scholars, as well as the public at large, with representatives able to impart the Tradition’s wealth of accomplishment.