To promote happiness, health, harmony, balance and clarity in the minds, attitudes, and bodies of individuals and their environment. In physics it is said that every action has its equal and opposite reaction. In the Bible it is written, as you sow, so shall you reap. Whether one applies the laws of physics or of the Bible or of the Dharma, the negative energy released via human intentions manifests the frustrating struggles of becoming and suffering.

Emotions and the imagery of the mind have been thought of as animated vibratory states. They have been poetically and scientifically described in various shades such as light or heavy, radiant or dull, colorful or gray, bright or dark, dissident or harmonious, balanced and unbalanced. Harnessing and transforming the energies of darker attitudes and emotions into lighter more blissful states can open the potential for insight, recognition, freedom and wisdom. Acting on and following the negative duller emotions and images leaves the residue described in Buddhism as the six realms of Samsara and the struggles for rebirth described in the Sidpa Bardo.

Lacking the clarity of wisdom and erring or straying from one's Essential Nature, one falls into lesser realms and becomes trapped in the resultant residue created by the negative habits of one's own conditioned and afflicted mind. Thus, the clarity and the transparency of the Nature of Mind is obscured and made opaque. To Awaken, realize and make conscious the inherent human potential of Liberation and Enlightenment, is a way to stop the erring and its negative consequences. Recognition of the Nature of Mind can lead to Liberation if one can keep the continuity of that recognition.